There are places that get under your skin. Places that affect you on a deeper level. Places that shape you and that change how you see your place in the world. Here are my stories from some of the places that have changed me.



I have been to Iceland twice, both times in the summer. Twenty-one hours of daylight at its longest, with nothing darker than twilight in between. From fumaroles to fjords, glaciers and waterfalls, Iceland has it all. A sublime, elemental landscape and a photographer's paradise. A friend once described it as "like being at the beginning of time". It's hard to disagree.



At 68 degrees north, a sublime archipelago lies alongside the coast of Norway. Here, in the Arctic Circle, Lofoten is a land of mountainous fjords and open seas. I have been to Lofoten twice. The first time we explored the fjords in a RIB boat, exposed to the elements during the dark polar night of December. Our days were short. The sun never rose, instead each day brought us four hours of twilight. The second time was more conventional, by car in the deep snow and bitter cold of early February.